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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 5 years ago )
Twenty years ago, or more like 1996, saw the birth of internet multi-play, when Quake came out. I was on dial-up internet at the time and it cost $5 per hour to use during the day, and my ISP had off peak rates that were more economical, so i chose to play then / during the wee hours of the morning. I wasn't the only one that caught onto this, oh and my chronic insomnia was appeased, too. The default user in Quake was 'Player' i think (been a while, i forget now) and i thought of my circumstances at the time, and went with the name 'nocturnal' - that is, 'active at night!'

So over the years i caught the brunt of some real racist remarks from random nobodies that couldn't grasp the subtle meaning of the term, or had a short attention span, and just came to the conclusion that night /after dark meant i was black, shrug. So they called me an 'abo', a 'boong', 'darky' etc to me in in-game chat. I wasn't phased though, as i was constantly kicking their arse. So in essence they were being racist and i just let the leader board do the talking. Priceless. :)

The creators were absolute innovators / geniuses but at the same time so were the guys behind the free addon mods like CTF (Capture the Flag), TF (Team Fortress), and Arena.

The glory days have now been replaced with streaming music + discord/twitch + insert game here, these days. Generation Z, have it easy now, but we had it FIRST!


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