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Pasted as Python by registered user uwe ( 8 years ago )
# in coinex_api.py (2 lines before and after, new function GetWorkers):

            raise exchange_api.ExchangeException(e)
        return balances

    def GetWorkers(self):
        workers = {}
        for pool in self._PrivateRequest('worker_stats'):
            workers[pool['worker_id']] = pool['hashrate']
        return workers

    def GetMarkets(self):

# hashrate.py:
#!/usr/bin/python -u

import coinex_api
import ConfigParser
import cryptsy_api
import exchange_api
import os
import sys
import time
import datetime

def _LoadExchangeConfig(config, target_currency, exchange_class, *keys):
    if not config.has_section(exchange_class.name):
        return None

    args = {}
    for key in keys:
        if not config.has_option(exchange_class.name, key):
            raise ValueError('Missing %s.%s.' % (exchange_class.name, key))
        args[key] = config.get(exchange_class.name, key)

    exchange = exchange_class(**args)

    return exchange


target_currency = (config.get('General', 'target_currency') if
                   config.has_option('General', 'target_currency') else 'BTC')
 sleep_sec 'sleep_seconds') if
                 config.has_option('General', 'sleep_seconds') else 60)

exchanges = [_LoadExchangeConfig(config, target_currency, coinex_api.CoinEx,
                                 'api_key', 'api_secret'),
             _LoadExchangeConfig(config, target_currency, cryptsy_api.Cryptsy,
                                 'api_private_key', 'api_public_key')]
exchanges = [exchange for exchange in exchanges if exchange is not None]
if not exchanges:
    print 'No exchange sections defined!'

for exchange in exchanges:
    print ('%s\t%s' % (datetime.datetime.now().strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'), exchange.GetWorkers()))


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