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Pasted as Python by Sergio ( 8 years ago )
This script generates FreeDesktop application menu for IceWM window manager.

Written by Konstantin Korikov <[email protected]>, put in the public domain

Requires pyxdg http://cvs.freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/pyxdg/


Add to $HOME/.icewm/menu this line:

 menuprog Applications - icewm-xdg-menu

and restart IceWM.

import sys
import locale
import getopt
import re
import xdg.Menu
import xdg.DesktopEntry
import xdg.IconTheme
import xdg.Config

version = "0.3"

def print_usage(exit_code = 1):
  print """Usage: %s [options]
  --locale=locale               set output languege and encoding
  --root-folder folder          folder to generate (for example: /Games)
  --terminal command            set terminal emulator command (default: xterm -e %%s)
  --default-folder-icon icon    icon for folders that not provide Icon option
  --default-entry-icon icon     icon for entries that not provide Icon option
  --with-theme-paths            convert icon base names to icon absolute paths
                                using icon theme
  --entire-menu                 print entire menu
  --icon-size                   set default icon size
  --theme theme                 set icon theme
  --help                        print this help and exit
  --version                     print version and exit
""" % sys.argv[0]
def print_version():
  print "%s version %s" % (
    os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]), version)

root_folder = ""
terminal = "xterm -e %s"
default_folder_icon = "folder"
default_entry_icon = "-"
entire_menu = False
with_theme_paths = False
icon_size = 16

exec_clean1_re = re.compile(r'%[a-zA-Z]')
exec_clean2_re = re.compile(r'%%')
encoding = None
locale_str = None

def find_icon(entry):
  icon = entry.getIcon()
  if icon and with_theme_paths:
    icon = xdg.IconTheme.getIconPath(icon, icon_size) or icon
  return icon

def process_menu(menu):
  for entry in menu.getEntries():
    if isinstance(entry, xdg.Menu.Menu):
      name = entry.getName() or entry.DesktopFileID
      icon = find_icon(entry) or default_folder_icon

      if entire_menu:
        print ("menu \"%s\" \"%s\" {" % (name, icon)).encode(encoding)
        print "}".encode(encoding)
        print (("menuprog \"%s\" \"%s\" %s" % (name, icon, sys.argv[0])) +
            (" --root-folder \"%s\"" % entry.getPath(org=True)) +
            (" --terminal \"%s\"" % terminal) +
            (" --default-folder-icon \"%s\"" % default_folder_icon) +
            (" --default-entry-icon \"%s\"" % default_entry_icon) +
            (" --theme \"%s\"" % xdg.Config.icon_theme) +
            (" --icon-size \"%d\"" % icon_size) +
            (with_theme_paths and " --with-theme-paths" or "")).encode(encoding),
        if locale_str:
          print (" --locale \"%s\"" % locale_str).encode(encoding),
    elif isinstance(entry, xdg.Menu.MenuEntry):
      de = entry.DesktopEntry
      name = de.getName() or entry.DesktopFileID
      icon = find_icon(de) or default_entry_icon
      execute = exec_clean2_re.sub('%', exec_clean1_re.sub('', de.getExec&#40;&#41;))
      if de.getTerminal(): execute = terminal % execute      
      print ("prog \"%s\" \"%s\" %s" % (name, icon, execute)).encode(encoding)

try: opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "", 
  ("help", "version", "locale=",
   "root-folder=", "terminal=", "default-folder-icon=", 
   "default-entry-icon=", "entire-menu", "theme=", "with-theme-paths",
except getopt.GetoptError: print_usage()

locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, "")

for o, v in opts:
  if o == "--locale":
    locale_str = v
    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, locale_str)
  if o == "--root-folder": root_folder = v
  elif o == "--terminal": terminal = v
  elif o == "--default-folder-icon": default_folder_icon = v
  elif o == "--default-entry-icon": default_entry_icon = v
  elif o == "--entire-menu" : entire_menu = True
  elif o == "--with-theme-paths" : with_theme_paths = True
  elif o == "--icon-size": icon_size = int(v)
  elif o == "--theme" : xdg.Config.setIconTheme(v)
  elif o in ("-h", "-?", "--help"): print_usage(0)
  elif o in ("-v", "--version"): print_version()

encoding = locale.getlocale()[1] or 'UTF-8'
menu = xdg.Menu.parse()
if root_folder: menu = menu.getMenu(root_folder)


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