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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 1 year ago )
The first live internet chat system i used was ytalk on unix mainframe terminals at newcastle uni back in 1990.

As the years went on, IRC, then ICQ. IRC is the only live chat i have consistently gone back to.. its a great means of picking the minds of better nerds (for a specific task), but comes back with a caveat or three.

Some of them said nerds are socially antisocial on IRC (the irony of that), and yeah you get dumbos that think they know shit too and flex at you for asking the wrong question construct. If i knew the right question, i'd f'ing google it instead, and save you the condescending response. If you know the right question, you can dig the right answer in search engines, but i digress.

Yes it gets boring dealing with all sorts, but sometimes you have to confront them, call it like it is and lick your wounds, like i did today. Whatsapp, Discord, Messenger et al are great but nothing like what is going on in IRC if you meet with the right people, but sometimes it really shits me.


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