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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 1 year ago )
okay here is some observational humour i get from online dating apps. I find it odd when women on there say they like a good laugh. Like its an accomplishment or something. That's like saying i like a good breath. Any sane person likes a good laugh, its a given. What is more important is the person that makes you laugh, think about the effort there. You gotta conjure up hbo half hour stuff on a whim just to 'entertain' this person that likes a good laugh. :P

Having said that, i once told a funny joke in the car and my girls were giggling hysterically. Then further into the drive, the ex started laughing, and im like what? She said i got the joke. And me in Chandler Bing mode said: uhm, Get. There. Faster.


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