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Cannot use outlook/hotmail/live here to register as they blocking our mail servers. #microsoftdeez
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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 3 years ago )
So back in sept i started my journey with outlook.com and their messed up ip reputation stuff with mail servers out in the wild. i can send anything from outlook.com to me just fine but cannot send or reply back as it is rejected at the border level.

Neither of my mx servers are on any other blacklists, FWIW.

Ran through the mandatory hoops to appease the knuckleheads to no avail. Adolf has spoken, his word is final.

Ping pong with a microsoft level 3 ding dong the past month or so hasnt helped as he is ringing me every day including weekends!! and script monkeying me into doing everything i already did, so much for DRY approach there mate.

He got me to raise another ticket and yep Adolf had spoken again, his decision is final.

microsoft bing also refuses to index www.paste.org for what ever odd reasoning there too.

So in despair and being bored i noticed microslothed.com was available, and yeah im up for puns and phonetic associations and bought (read: err leased it, you dont really own it, you just agree to keep paying the domain name rent, and you get to point it wherever you like, is all) the domain name.

Did i tell you you can get your own [email protected] vanity webmail account too? Same place as the [email protected] how cool is that?! Get one!

This is where i fade into the background and play....



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