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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 2 years ago )
Okay so apparently the new theory is that this china flu was just a system set in place by the world banking elites to somehow destabilize everyone and everything prior to introducing (and replacing the existing) monetary system.

Firstly, have you seen the shit the chinese eat? Yeah thats pretty obvious there.

Secondly, we as humans seem to like theorizing (and deviating from) the obvious facts. Take for example how we were genetically engineered primates by aliens, then some fruit loops a few thou years ago introduced some fictional books and imaginary friends. Thats what i mean, we kinda stray from the obvious facts.

Anyways, the zionist shit always gets invloved into everything controversial, a bit like Godwins Law on trolling threads, itll end up there eventually.

IDC either way, i just wanna thank woolies for handing me a spare mask, because i havent used one up until now, to shop today.

Hi.. im a chimpanzee, a little less hairy but more scary. We <3 the Earth, and all that shit.

TL;DR ty woolies!


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