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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 2 years ago )
Never really looked at the dark web, i don't see the fascination when there are better alternatives to nerdy anon communication and with less seedy people, i might add.

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat precedes the web by a few and there i have found all sorts: from laughter, to geographic specific tales, to friendships, to knuckleheads, quirkiness, dating channels, etc etc, and yeah it was a source of piracy back then too.

Anyone remember that disgusting goatse website? Yeah, i was one of many that got trolled by that initial dude with the picture sent as a DCC on efnet back in the days. You get all sorts.

I still make use of IRC today, but i am tucked away on a BNC in an obfuscatingly detached session state half the time. Yes, im a nerd.


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