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Pasted as Plain Text by registered user Sam ( 4 years ago )
The day we address man-made religion (the war machine and other shit included) and unite as one, is the day we focus on and explore the stars without prejudice or repercussions.

Billions of exoplanets out there, surely we're not the only ones (ah yes, human vanity knows no bounds), and religion is nothing more than an obstacle to growing up, or opening our minds to other science wonders in this universe, whatever they may be.

You hear about ufo crash sites, well educated people explaining stuff that has happened on this earth that could only have been achieved with the intervention of extraterrestrials, former top clearance level engineers that say they have seen alien crafts and that they are being reverse engineered etc etc -- and i bet the reason for not fully disclosing it all, apart from commercial greed and power, is that the masses couldn't handle the truth.

Yes i am partial to the theory that we have been a genetically engineered species, as much as i believe the evolutionary path as both seem plausible and that's where it ends for me. No fucking god, no fucking holy book, it is nothing but a figment of a malignant sheeple imagination filling a void where there were no answers at the time, and we have better answers these days, and it is time for religion to be put back on the fictional shelf to allow us to explore the universe.

I would rather see us, as humans, redirect focus on the stars (anything outside our immediate solar system) than ourselves; that is, astronautical rather than finding new ways to blow each other up.


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