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Pasted as Python by eGlyph on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 5:04am ( 7 years ago )

import urllib
import csv

class YStockQuote(object):
    __fields = ['price', 'change', 'volume', 'avg_daily_volume', 'stock_exchange', 
              'market_cap', 'book_value', 'ebitda', 'dividend_per_share', 
              'dividend_yield', 'earnings_per_share', '52_week_high',      
              '52_week_low', '50day_moving_avg', '200day_moving_avg', 'price_earnings_ratio', 
              'price_earnings_growth_ratio', 'price_sales_ratio', 'price_book_ratio', 'short_ratio']

    def __init__ (self, symbol):
        uri  = 'http://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=%s&f=%s' % (symbol, 'l1c1va2xj1b4j4dyekjm3m4rr5p5p6s7')
        self.__dict__ = csv.DictReader(urllib.urlopen(uri), fieldnames = self.__fields).next()


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