"Um... Master?"
"Please use my lap!"
Use her lap? For what? Ah, she wants me to use it as a pillow?
Elementary schooler's lap pillow...
"Yeah. Thanks. I'm so happy you're worrying about me."
That would be too much. Elementary schooler's lap pillow is too much. If someone sees me there will be no escape. It's not a shogi problem. Using JS lap pillow here with tons of reporters around is way too risky. I must not do it.
You can do a rematch in shogi but there is no such thing as a rematch in real life.
"Well, I'll lie down and rest on that zabuton."
"Ah?! Hey, what did you throw it away?!"
"Please, go ahead♡"
Ai is tapping her lap with her tiny hand.
Ai is slowly drawing closer to me while sitting in seiza.
Her smile and gestures tell me that she's intended to not let me escape... I've sensed that there's no place to run. It's a checkmate.
I was conflicted for sure.
However, for now the most important thing is to rest even a second longer.
Quarreling with my disciple and wasting precious time and stamina would be a bad move. The duty of a pro is to maintain the best performance and show the top quality shogi. In the face of this duty one must accept the risk of being arrested due to touching an elementary schooler.
Anyway, it's not like we're doing something to improper? It's just a lap pillow? She consents too?
Making excuses like that I'm slowly putting my head on Ai's lap.
Elementrary schooler's lap.. it was so tiny and warm I've accidentally let out a sigh.
The high body temperature that children have permeates my body and heals it. No high class pillow has a similar soft and squishy feeling.
Ai is embracing my head resting on her lap and relaxing the parts that have grown stiff with her young fingers. Lightly tapping the eyes through the eyelids, massaging my temples, brows and the top the head.
It... feels... so good...♡
"It's okay... You will win Master..."
Hearing the whispering of my disciple I'm falling into a light sleep.
The warmth from her tiny palms and laps felt good.
The fatigue was gradually disappearing from the places she touched...
"My eyes?!"
What a miracle! My eyes that have lost their sight are seeing again! I can see!
Did the Arcana called JS gave me the power exceeding my bounds?!
I should be able to win with this... probably...
I'm thinking about what I'd say in an interview after beating the Meijin while being enveloped by the warmth of my disciple.
"What was the reason of your victory in the rematch?"
"During the break I've rested on an elementary schooler's lap. It had a good effect HAHAHA"
That would be the end.

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