"Welcome home ♡ Master ♡♡♡"
Making cute footsteps my disciple has come to greet me, but...
"Huh? Ai? What is this?"
"Ehehehe ♡ I wanted to try changing my image a bit!"
A big image change indeed.
The hair tied higher than usual brings forth a sweet impish charm. It's called "twintalis" I think? The usual hair style is fine, but this is cute too.
The dress is cute too. It's a very short skirt with white stockings going up to the thighs.
The baggy sleeves covering the hands are unbearably cute. It's "moesode".
And I'm not just seeing it in a favorable light because she's my disciple.
Cute! Much cuter than whatever junior idols!
If a photo of her went public it'd be called something like "a miraculous shot" and spread with insane speed. It's not even "once in 10 thousand years beauty". Ai surpasses that right now for sure. Even 100 million years is not enough. I want to call her "once in 100 million and 3 years beauty".
While I was unable to take my eyes off from this insane cuteness Ai asked me while fidgeting and blushing
"Does it... look weird?"
"No, no! It's cute! That dress suits you too."
At the season opening ceremony I told Ai to become cute and work for Kansai Shogi PR. Ai is very serious so she was worried about that I guess?
I'm a bit anxious if she becomes too cute, but denying that brave heart as her master would be pretty questionable. She has realized that she's a female pro, I should praise her and let her improve.
"Yes! It's super cute! Your image change is a huge success!!"
"Ehehe ♡ then..."
Ai grabbed my hand innocently, smiled while looking 45 degrees up and then
"Which one do you like?"
"Maaaster, which Ai do you liike?"
Zukyuuu~~~n ♡♡♡
I was assaulted by a heart piercing shock!
The sickly-sweet impish intonation!
The look that would melt the heart of any man in an instant!
My chest is getting squeezed tightly, yet my heart is jumping so much it hurts!!
W-what is this?! Why is it beating so hard just from a JS 4th grader staring at me?! 
"Maaster... whiiich ooone?"
"Um.. eh? W-well... both..."
"Both... whaat?"
"I... (l-like)... both..." *quietly
"Ehehe ?"
Ai made a "Nipa~☆" smile and burried her face in my chest for a moment, then
"The dinner will be ready soon!"
"O-okay, please do it."
My 4th grader disciple suddenly let go of me and ran away to the kitchen.
This sight which should have been so familiar to me after living together for nearly a year, seemed especially dazzling today.
My head which had been occupied by a shogi board until now has woken up from this shock.
Well, it's not like I've woken up to being a lolicon, you know? I haven't... right?

"Uwa, what a feast today!"
"Yes! You got really worn out from the match so I wanted to cheer you up a bit Master! ♡"
Just like her clothes, the food she has prepared for me today was different than usual.
Everything looks delicious like always. Today's match has ended early and I didn't have a dinner so I'm hungry. Let's dig in!
Or so I thought.
"Excuse me, Master. ♡"
With a natural movement Ai sat besides me. She's sitting so close her twintails are almost touching my shoulders.
Usually she sits in front of me.
"Eh? Are you going to eat here?"
"I caan't?"
"No... it's... okay."
She pleads with upturned eyes and I allow it just like that. The 45 degrees slanted glance is just too strong.
There goes my dignity as a Master and plans to make Ai more independent...
"T, then... let's eat"
Ai is joining her tiny hands while touching my shoulder with her head in a natural gesture.
And then turns towards me and opens her mouth.
Ai is waiting for something with her mouth open.
Ai still has her mouth open.
Eh? She won't eat? What?
While I was thinking that Ai has closed her mouth and said with a bit angry expression.
My disciple is trying to make me say "A~n♡" while opening her tiny mouth.
"A, aa-n"
I've become confused and aswered her request. It's so embarassing, I'm about to die...!
The moment my disciple has eaten food from my hand... a shock ran through the back of the back of my chest as if it was pierced by lightning!
Kuuu! T, too cute!!
At this rate I'm about to throw away all reason and social standing and cross the last line that no person should ever cross, but...
"I'm not a loliconI'm not a loliconI'm not a loliconI'm not a lolicon"
By chanting it like a mantra I'm barely able to maintain the balance of my mind. What a dangerous situation!
At the same time Ai that made me "a~n"
"Hauu... it's so embarassing I couldn't taste anything..." *(small voice)
"Haa... Haa... What's the matter Ai?"
"It's nothing!"
She was clinging to me just a moment ago, but now suddenly turned away. Why? Because I'm so disgusting? Because I've woken up to be a lolicon? Did she smell that or something?
To hide the awkwardness, I'm trying to change the subject to the food.
"W, what is this fish called?"
"SILLAGO*. SILLAGO tempura." (*TLN: Called KISU in Japanese, which sounds like kiss)
"Sillago? Isn't that a summer fish?"
"I've had it delivered frozen from my home."
Seems like she has mastered the airfryer that I bought her with safety concerns in mind. Ai's tempura is excellent. Of course other food is delicious too.
"Is this... a stew? Or sometiung?"
"ČUšpajs*. Traditional Slovenian dish. For Japan it'd be something like imoni." (*TLN: Written CHUUsupaisu, chuu means kiss)
"You know a lot of unusual food, huh?"
"I've researched it! Am I a good girl?"
"Yeah, you sure are."
As I pat her head she lets out an extremely cute voice. What's this? Why is she so cute?
I had known that Ai is cute and even before my heart sometimes got tense, but today her cuteness is off the charts.
This cuteness... it probably surpasses even Char-chan!
After I patted her head Ai seems to have regained her spirit and said with glittering eyes.
"I'm thinking of trying to do CHinese* food next!" (*TLN: CHUUka)
"G, go for it..."
"Tomorrow morning I'm planning to prepare FRENCH toasts!"
"Looking forward to it."
It takes me all I have to answer like that.
I can't look at Ai anymore. She's so cute I have no idea what I might end up doing...

"Haa... It was delicious, but now I'm tired..."
As Ai has taken utensils and went to the kitchen I've collapsed to the floor.
I don't quite remember the taste of the food, but the only thing that got ingrained into my mind was that it was a very sweet time.
As I've turned my eyes towards the Japanese-style room I've noticed a magazine lying next to a randoseru.
What? What's this?
The magazines for grade schoolers that I know of feature things like "How to fold a well-flying paper airplane". It should be magazine like that, but...
Rather than with curiosity I'm flipping the page with a feeling I've seen something scary.
"Special edition! 'A shot to bring down lolicons'!"
A photo of a JS innocently grabbing an upper arm and looking 45 degrees up is printed together with detailed explanations and reference poses.
T, this is...!
"Aren't all of these the poses that Ai just did to me making me nervous?!"
I've panicked and continued to flip the pages.
"Assertive touching! JS are allowed to innocently touch others so you should boldly touch the lolicon and captivate him!"
"Anyway, just make him say "like"! Lolicons can't be assertive with women so you must attack yourself! Preemptive strike is the key!☆"
"The greatest weapon of children is being "child-like"! When you become a 4th grader you often want to behave like an adult, but you should restrain yourself and try to show off your cutie loliness!"
"First kiss hurdle is a bit too high, so you can start getting points by clearing lower hurdles such as making him conscious about your mouth by doing things like "aa~n♡"
"This is..."
This was all done to me just now...
Furthermore, I was feeling nervous from everything...
So that means... could it be that I'm a... lo-...
"Haha, ha. JS these days sure are precoscious, huh."
I laughed and played dumb to preserve my mind's balance.
"T, that reminds me, there was also an extra!"
Without even being able to wipe the sweat from my fingers, I've tried looking at a different part seeking relief.
"Maan, I'm so jealous of the kids! All that shiny Doraemon or Precure merch, you just start wanting to get it!"
Shogi World also has extras but most of them are booklets. Furthermore the titles like "Preventing threatmate, 39 problems", "Rip through defences like this! 'Anaguma chapter'", "The basics of Ranging Rook's new idea that will allow you to get ahead of your rivals! Start playing Direct Opposing Rook right now" are not something that you can brag about in elementary school. Grandpas in a dojo can though.
"I wonder what kind of an extra this has? Well, having lived for 17 years I don't think anything could surpri-"
'Special Extra! Clothes to bring down lolicons!'

I screamed while bending back from the shock like a shrimp.
"Master?! What happened?!"
My disciple came running surprized by my scream.
The clothes Ai is wearing are without a doubt the clothes to bring down lolicons.
I see...
So that's what it was...!
Understanding everything I sit down on that spot and regain my dignity.
"Ai. Sit down for a moment."
"No! Not on my lap, in front of me! It seems like I'm hugging you if you do it like this! Sit properly!"
After sticking out her tongue and bumping her head with a tiny fist, as if to shoot through a man's heart Ai is looking up at me from the "lolicon slaying" angle.
Just like that Meijin's hands that shake when he's about to win, those tiny little hands are violently trembling from the tension and the excitement of victory.
"Finally the time has come... "JS 4th grade" is a holy book after all... Awesome... Thank you Mihane-chan... Father, mother, thank you for raising me... Tonight I will offer everything to the Master..."
"N, no! I don't mean... waa! Wait, wait, wait, wait!!"
I'm panicking and trying to stop my disciple that has suddenly started to undress herself in front me.
Why did it come to this?! Whatever, for now I must stop her first!
"Ai! Stop it!"
I've grabbed the hand of my disciple that was trying to take off her "clothes to bring down lolicons" and pushed her down.
The situation got even worse. At this rate I'm going to be brought down socially by those "clothes to bring down lolicons"! If someone saw this it'd be the end of me!!
Just when I was thinking this I heard the sound of the front door opening.
"Yaichi-kuun? Ai-chaan? I've cooked too much so I came to share some with y-"
Dropping the pot she was holding Keika-san says in a trembling voice.
"S, so you were really..."
In front of Keika-san's eyes...
Half-undressed Ai and me reaching my hand while pushing her down.
"S, since when did you... No, don't say, I don't want to hear it! No matter the reason this is not allowed. But if I hear your words I might just want to ignore it!! So don't say anything!!"
"Wa-! It's not like that!! It's a misunderstanding, I'm not a lolicon!!"
"They all say the same!!"
"That's right! Master is not a lolicon! He sincerely loves me!"
"This makes him a lolicon!!!"
Curling and wailing Keika-san.
Trying to take off her "clothes to bring down lolicons" Ai.
And me frantically trying to clear the suspicion while preventing my disciple from undressing herself.
It took almost 2 hours to explain the situation to Keika-san and persuade her, but in the end I couldn't completely clear her suspicions. She was looking at me with distrust when leaving.

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