So last night before i went to bed i got an email from this guy using a throw away email address asking me to do something on a specific clients domain name. I read the request, look at it from our end, and everything was fine, so went to bed.

Get up early, go to office works to grab a Nest Wifi, bring it home an start unpacking. Then the door bell rings, and i thought it was the chemist with my restocked script. Nope, it was the guy that owned the domain name and he looked concerned.

Brought me up to speed and i said you should have asked me, i dont take requests from randoms on behalf of clients, not my policy. I said call him and ask him what he needs done and invited the client upstairs to sort it out.

To add insult to injury my sip trunks were down, my provider has a great network but their billing system sucks as auto top up doesnt work and yep, great coincidence there and then, so he got irate and drove here, i guess.

Did the fix and he was saying someone had changed it, and i assured him there and then as i logged into the portal, it was as it should be and no one touched it from our end, and that all was in order from our end. He wasnt happy still but thanked me when i fixed it up there and then.

Did some queries with the registrar and they told me stuff that was basically the issue at the .au domain level and that it was related to his hosting, something major when the governing body intervenes it seems, so i relayed this to client via email and SMSed him.

Then i did some forensics, figured out who his root web host was, went to their network status page and found that it was an issue affecting a lot of their clients, and that the fix i did was what they suggested for everyone. So i relayed another email to client stating that it wasnt an isolated incident and have a look at their page, and that the exact same thing happened to most the other clients there too, overnight and flowed into today.

No word, nothing, just quiet with guilt i assume. The tosser that initially emailed me last night was the one that stole the client from me i learnt, and the client still thought the hosting was with me i said no he moved it a few years ago and joked that he didnt have issues like this with me back then for all those years. Funny thing was that this tosser was using wording with me and the client that the issue was "upstream" to deflect the cause, so it fell on me.. not for long though! Stupid wordpress scripters with templates ruin my industry. :S


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