i hate email spam! i get a lot of it, too. Some of my email addresses are personal and some are business, and these business ones have been harvested from them shitty mylocal websites -  fuck, too late now.

I have seen websites promoting business contact lists with my email address as an example on their websites. Or someones email account, i know, got compromised and the knuckleheads exported the victims contact list. Or somewhere i payed for a product decided that it was an opt out after they added me to a third party mailing list. So yeah thanks.

Yeah, i could ask them politely to remove it, but it isnt going to stop them from selling it. I could blast them off the internet too, but i am not into that sorta thing, neither.

You get all sorts trying to cut the pie with you. So sincere, i just ignore them hoping they go away. But some are persistent fuckers, and ask if i read their previous email.

Yes, i read. Yes, its now in my spam learning folder on my personal mail server, which also uploads it to a peer that handles spamlists.

sometimes, i wish that everyone had just one email address, and it was tied to you like a postal address. fuck up and youre toast.

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