i am a firm believer of 'whatever works' and within 'context' of where it is applied.

Case in point, religion:

My dad was a life member of the local church for long term services rendered. His pacemaker gave in, he couldnt be resuscitated, lived a good bat of 86, and he went to heaven as far as i could see it. He believed in god, so i believed that for him, too.

Then you get the other lot, bunch of popes eating lavishly with gold glittering all around them, living the tax free haven and becoming rich and powerful, apart from sodding a few kids here and there but i digress. They lobby governments just as bad as the suss corporations do; and, then you look at pictures of kids starving to death, poverty, lack of medicine, putrid conditions etc and all these church guys want you to do is send in that tithe so they can hoard more material shinies or build mega churches, or pay for that new private jet.

Oh yeah, your god works in mysterious ways, whichever deity it is you conform to... have fun, i'm an Atheist.

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