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Pasted by count12 on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 7:13am ( 3 years ago )


import os

import web

urls = (
 '/', 'index',
 '/login', 'Login',
 '/logout', 'Logout',
 '/add', 'add', 

render=web.template.render('/var/www/pvperformance/test/templates/', base='layout')
mrender=web.template.render('/var/www/pvperformance/test/templates/' )

app = web.application(urls, globals()) 
application = app.wsgifunc() 
session = web.session.Session(app, 
               initializer={'count': 0}) 

class index:
 def GET(self):
  return render.index() 

class Secure:
 def GET(self):
  return """
   <html>Hello %s 
Log me out</html> """ % web.ctx.username class Login: def GET(self): return """ <html> <form acti method="post"> <input type="text" name="username"> <input type="submit" value="Login"> </form> </html> """ def POST(self): # only set cookie if user login succeeds name = web.input(username=None).username if name: web.setcookie('username', name) raise web.seeother('/secure') class Logout: def GET(self): web.setcookie('username', '', expires=-1) raise web.seeother('/login') # Auth Processor def auth_app_processor(handle): path = web.ctx.path web.ctx.username = name = web.cookies(username=None).username if not name and path != '/login': raise web.seeother('/login') return handle() app = app.wsgifunc() app.add_processor(auth_app_processor)

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