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Pasted as Scheme by ingolf jandt on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 8:12am ( 8 years ago )
;;dosiero stelo.ss
;;(c) ingolf jandt
;;kodo por azeneco.blogspot.com

#lang slideshow

;;sxargxu objektsistemon kaj grafikan uzantinterfacon
(require scheme/class scheme/gui/base)

;;krei fenestron:
(define f (new frame% [label "Verda Stelo"]
               [width 300]
               [height 300]))

(require slideshow/flash)  

;;krei fenestroenhavon
(new canvas% [parent f]
      (lambda (self dc)
        (draw-pict (colorize 
                    (filled-flash (* 0.42 (send self get-height))
                                  (* 0.4 (send self get-width))
                                  5 -1.6 (* -0.5 pi))
                   dc 0 0))])

;;montru fenestron:
(send f show #t)


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